About CoVar Technologies

About CoVar

CoVar Applied Technologies was founded to solve hard sensing problems in Defense, Research, and Energy with cutting edge machine learning and sensor technologies.

The company was founded in 2011, following the founders’ success fielding the US Army’s Husky Mounted Detection System for landmine and explosive hazard detection. With the founders’ experience, CoVar quickly established itself as an innovative developer of sensor solutions for oil and gas drilling, US Army, and Navy customers. The company’s strategic investment of time and funds in core technology development enabled CoVar to establish a base of foundation IP while developing and servicing its industry customers.

Throughout the first years of the company, CoVar worked closely with New Folder Consulting LLC, a Durham-based machine learning and computer vision development consultancy founded by four professors at Duke University. In 2013, the companies merged under the CoVar Applied Technologies name, with New Folder principals becoming partners and technology executives leading CoVar’s advanced algorithm and computer vision initiatives.

Today CoVar’s mission remains constant: to provide sensor system products and technologies that advance the state of the art for the Defense and Energy industries. We combine our ties to academia with our experience developing and fielding products to bring the most innovative, powerful, and value-producing technologies to the marketplace.

Unparalleled Expertise

CoVar staff are renowned in their respective fields as subject matter experts. We combine leading-edge academic prowess with a practically-minded and results-oriented development environment. Our multidisciplinary team works interactively on all our projects, leveraging each other’s experience and talents.