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Automated pipe tally systems can improve drilling efficiency and reliability by seamlessly measuring pipe length, diameter, and count as stands are added to the drill string.

Pipe tallying is typically accomplished by a human, manually recording the number and length of joints added to the drill string. Failure to tally pipe correctly can result in incorrectly calculated bottom hole location and poorly sequenced lithologies. CoVar computer vision systems have demonstrated the capability to reliably count sections of pipes as they enter and exit the camera field of view, as well as to measure the pipe diameter, lengths, and orientations with respect to the camera. These videos illustrates tools for detecting, counting, and estimating the size and position of pipes on a drill-string as they are pulled out of the hole. Additionally, rig state is detected and recorded to a frame-synced database, improving automated detection of anomalous drilling operations.

CoVar’s pipe tally and rig state detection system detects the presence of various rig components, such as the grabber, the iron roughneck, and pipe stands, to infer rig state and count pipe stands and singles pulled during tripping.

Rig state detection can feed automatic report generation that can assist with time and movement studies and improve safety. Safety hazards can be identified, rig operations can be optimized and video associated with these events can be indexed and quickly accessed.

Constant pipe velocity estimation and cumulative pipe length measurements are possible using such video systems. Accurate pipe measurement can improve bottom hole measurement and prevent stuck pipe occurence.

Pipe diameter and length can be accurately measured to millimeter accuracy with the proper set up and calibration. Angle and rotation can also be measured to assist in aligning joints during connections.

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