CoVar Technologies Capabilities

Sensor Systems

CoVar has domain expertise in a range of sensor modalities including ground penetrating radar, seismic imaging, induction, acoustic, and video.

Applications for these technologies have included defense, subsurface imaging, underwater sensing, security, safety. Our range of domain and application expertise combined with our engineering competencies give us a unique ability to serve our customers in bringing cutting-edge sensor systems to the market. We synthesize our academic knowledge of what is possible, our business and application knowledge of what is useful and our engineering focus on what is practical with a rapid, agile, and innovative development culture. We work with our customers to engineer solutions that meet end-users ultimate needs within real-world budget and time-to-market constraints.


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology is widely used by DoD, industrial, and commercial industries for subsurface imaging and detection. CoVar principals, prior to founding CoVar, were key technology developers behind the US Army’s vehicle mounted landmine detection systems, inventing and fielding breakthrough GPR sensor and algorithm technology. CoVar has provided system engineering, algorithm development, and product development for the application of GPR to scanning of sewer pipes, detection of buried hazards, and concrete wall inspection. Our capabilities include system design, modeling and simulation of GPR in dielectric domains, antenna and instrumentation design, and software development.

Image courtesy US DoD


CoVar has developed hardware and software components for a variety of acoustic and seismic sensing technologies. We have developed embedded technologies for sonar waveform generation and synthesis for torpedo defense systems and system command and control for acoustic countermeasures. Our development work in the seismic domain includes applications for detection of buried hazards using non-contact vibrometry data as well as fracture localization detection for oil well completions. Our work includes phenomenology studies, system optimization consulting, algorithm development, embedded computing, visualization enhancements, and image processing.


CoVar has developed vision systems and imaging component technology for visual optical (video), infrared, and spectroscopic sensor systems. Our vision systems are advancing the state of the art in the computer vision and video analytics field, especially for energy and defense applications. Through our multi-sensor fusion technologies our vision systems often augment other, more conventional sensing methods for improved contextual awareness, increased sensitivity, and reduced false positives. We have developed infrared image enhancement software that is currently operating on fielded night vision goggles in use by the US Army. We have also deployed several multi-sensor spectroscopic software tools for improving material classification, forensic analysis, and chemometric analysis.