CoVar is a small AI/ML R&D software company in Durham N.C., that uses artificial intelligence to develop software to solve problems that matter. We develop AI/ML software tools that work with the DoD to detect enemies and threats, enable biomedical researchers to find new cures for diseases, and monitor machinery to prevent injuries and environmental catastrophes. We are passionate engineers, constantly experimenting, prototyping, testing, and deploying software while pushing the cutting edge of what AI/ML can do.

Join our team!  Open positions are posted below.  CoVar is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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  •  Competitive salary, cash bonus, equity structure, and 401k with employer contributions
  •  Excellent health care coverage, including dental and vision plans
  •  Flexible work schedule

Machine Learning Researcher

Applicants will be responsible for the design and implementation of new machine learning algorithms and associated software and infrastructure. Machine learning engineers are expected to work within existing software infrastructure to design and improve algorithms to achieve customers goals. Engineers are responsible for evaluating algorithms using standard internal test sets, analyzing results, and making improvements. All engineers are expected to be customer-facing with excellent communication skills and are responsible for presenting their work regularly at both internal and external meetings. The position includes opportunities to publish novel work in both classified and unclassified settings.


We are seeking machine learning researchers with experience in AI/ML algorithm design, training, evaluation, and deployment. Applicants should have expertise in PYTHON (including NUMPY, PANDAS, and other packages) and either PYTORCH or TensorFlow.  Deep understanding of machine learning fundamentals (gradient descent, cross-validation, ROC curves, confusion matrices) are necessary. Knowledge of classical machine learning (e.g., support-vector-machines, logistic regression) are valued. Computer vision engineers should be familiar with single-shot object detection networks (e.g., YOLO, CenterNet) or similar models and techniques. Previous experience with DoD customers is a plus.

Minimum qualifications

  • Software expertise: Python and associated numerical and analytics packages (NUMPY, PANDAS, etc.); git; PYTORCH or TensorFlow; CI/CD pipelines and regression testing.
  • AI/ML expertise: Machine learning fundamentals; Deep knowledge of state of the art in any of the following: computer vision (preferred), natural language processing, classical machine learning, Bayesian models, etc.
  • B.S., preferably M.S. or Ph.D in engineering, math, computer science, or related field
  • Excellent technical communication skills
  • Ability to work in Durham, NC (relocation assistance available)
  • Eligibility for US security clearance

Bonus skills

  • Department of Defense project experience

Sr. Software Engineer/Product Manager

This position is a mixture of senior engineer/team lead and product manager. You will be responsible for 2 or more projects, managing the entire lifecycle from defining requirements through system design, hands-on software development, testing, and deployment. You will lead a team of 3-4 developers for each project, providing training, tasking, and feedback. You will meet regularly with customers, collaborators, and other external stakeholders to provide progress reports, solicit feedback, and review high-level project goals.

Minimum qualifications

  • B.S. in CS, engineering, math, or related field plus 7 years of experience, or advanced degree in relevant field plus 3 years’ experience
  • Experience coordinating and supporting engineers to meet project goals
  • Proficient in Python with experience in scientific computing (NumPy, etc.) and distributed systems, including asyncio
  • Experience with software development processes, including version control, documentation, code review, and testing
  • Customer-service oriented; excellent written and spoken technical communication skills
  • Ability to work in Durham, NC (relocation assistance available)
  • Eligibility for US security clearance


  • Experience with standard signal processing techniques, pattern recognition, image processing, and/or machine learning techniques
  • Working knowledge of one or more of C/C++, C#/Java, and/or JavaScript
  • Experience with web application development