We specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that are customized for you and able to run on any hardware you require. We can develop new kinds of AI/ML for knowledge exploitation, build specific new algorithms based on your data, reliably detect targets and objects in image and radar data, and measure and track in videos and images.

Sensor Data Processing

Sensors gather data from the world around us. We turn that data into actionable information.

Explore how our physics-first approach to algorithm design makes us the world leaders in sensor data exploitation.

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Aided and Automatic Target Recognition

The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community need reliable target detection and recognition, and we provide it. Our patented aided and automatic target recognition algorithms can detect new kinds of threats without new training data, and they can explain their decisions in language that end-users, such as warfighters and analysts, understand.

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Computer Vision

When you need to extract information from a camera, CoVar is there. We develop custom computer vision algorithms to detect and track objects, measure and count, and alert and warn. Our computer vision tools do more than show you boxes—they uncover the details you need to achieve your goals.

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Knowledge Exploitation

We bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning research to dozens of industries. We customize algorithms just for you, to solve hard problems with limited data and real-world implications.

See how we combine data from vastly different databases, different sensing modalities, and real and synthetic data to help you unearth actionable information that can change the game for your business.

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Mission Critical Software: Advanced, Robust, Reliable

We build end-to-end custom solutions that combine the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning with the robustness and reliability required in mission-critical software. Our software runs on oil derricks, inside military vehicles, on drones, and in the cloud.

See how our custom software has enhanced performance in all these areas.

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