For decades, we have developed data and video analytics software for organizations in an astounding range of industries—from defense to healthcare and more. Each customer is different, and every project brings unique challenges. We take the time to develop an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs to develop creative, customized artificial intelligence and machine earning solutions using the best of what exists. If it does not exist, we invent it. Take a look at some of our work, then contact us to build your customized solution.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS)

For military drones to work their best, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions have to run in extreme conditions—on the edge, in the sky, and on low-power hardware. Understand how we right-size our network architectures and deploy our solutions to low-size, low-weight, and low-power systems.

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The next great breakthrough in medical research is out there, buried under billions of pieces of medical data, waiting to be discovered. We partnered with the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build ROBOKOP, a user-friendly natural-language search engine for medical researchers.

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Computer vision can help ensure that the people and machinery are working safely, efficiently, and correctly. We partnered with Anadarko to deploy the first real-time computer vision tools on offshore rigs to improve safety and save money.

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When the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wanted to combine information from disparate sensors, we built the first persistent object tracking software to fuse natural language with raw sensor data. Learn how our HERMIT software combines known target behaviors, analyst communications, and disparate sensor data to make sense of the world.

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When the U.S. Army needed to detect buried threats at increased distances, we provided the data wrangling, analytics, and basic research support to prioritize funding decisions and identify promising combinations of sensors to achieve the Army’s mission. Learn how our fundamental science yields actionable intelligence to help solve complex problems.

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We are creating the future of target recognition with the Department of Defense and intelligence community. Built on explainable, robust algorithms that do not need tons of training data, DOCTRINAIRE solves the fundamental challenges of aided target recognition (ATR).

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Closed-Loop Riserless Drilling (CLRD)

Detecting problems with deep sea open wellbores requires 24/7 visual monitoring with humans in the loop. We built new machine learning and computer vision tools that automatically monitor a video feed from miles under water to keep rigs drilling and the environment safe.

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Advanced Targeting & Lethality Aided System (ATLAS)

When the U.S. Army needs to detect threats in infrared (IR) and RGB image data, we develop new kinds of machine learning algorithms that reliably detect enemy vehicles at extreme distances. Learn how we develop custom artificial intelligence and machine learning for Department of Defense aided target recognition applications.

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Adaptive Alarms

When drillers need to stay safe, they rely on our Adaptive Alarms software. See how we partnered with Pason and Shell to build new algorithms to prevent disasters on offshore and land drilling rigs.

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