Advanced Targeting & Lethality Aided System (ATLAS)


Reduction in target engagement

Detection Better than Ever Before

We can’t see into the future—yet—but we do help the U.S. Army see far, far away. With our ATLAS system, the U.S. Army now can detect enemy vehicles at greater ranges than ever before.

ATLAS (Advanced Targeting & Lethality Aided System) provides robust aided target recognition tools to help warfighters locate and classify enemy vehicles from farther away and with greater certainty.

How ATLAS Works

Our detection and recognition algorithms take the best lessons-learned from commercial computer vision technologies, combined with our robust engineering, machine learning operations, and system design processes.

In addition to pre-made solutions, we provide libraries of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities and formal APIs—which lets the Army compose the exact systems it needs out of fundamental artificial intelligence and machine learning component building blocks, such as detectors, trackers, classifiers, and reasoners.