Shaping the Next Step of Medical Research

We are changing the way medical professionals and researchers search for clues and find answers. How? With ROBOKOP—research technology built in partnership with the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI).


ROBOKOP technology scours vast, diverse databases to find answers that standard search technologies could never provide. It does much more than simple web-scraping. It considers inter-relationships between entities, such as colds cause coughs. Then it searches for new connections between bits of knowledge it finds in a wide range of data sources and generates answers in terms of these causal relationships, on-the-fly.

Instead of providing a simple list of responses, ROBOKOP ranks answers based on various criteria, including the amount of supporting evidence for a claim, how many published papers reference a given fact, and the specificity of any particular relationship to the question.

The Future of Medical Research: TRANSLATOR

Future medical researchers will need highly advanced tools to search an ever-growing number of databases and data sets.

So we are partnering with RENCI and others to build TRANSLATOR, which integrates ROBOKOP and other tools into a cohesive computational ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure that ROBOKOP can access the latest data from clinical trials, natural language parsing, and machine learning now and into the future.

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