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Pattern Recognition Toolbox

The Pattern Recognition Toolbox helps you get answers out of your data more quickly.

The Pattern Recognition Toolbox (PRT) for MATLAB® by CoVar Applied Technologies provides streamlined access to a wide range of pattern recognition techniques in an easy to use unified framework.

Pattern Recognition Toolbox


The PRT is released under the permissive MIT License, which means the PRT is completely free for both commercial and academic use. To download the PRT from GitHub, click here.

What can the PRT do for me?

The PRT provides an easy to use suite of MATLAB® commands to organize, visualize, process, and classify your data with a few basic commands. If you have data and need to make predictions based on your data, the PRT can help you do more in less time.

Visualize Your Data

The PRT’s prtDataSet objects make using and visualizing your data a breeze. The multiple built in techniques for data visualization will help you interactively understand your data and develop the insights to help you make breakthroughs.

Streamline Your Processing

The PRT provides a wide array of inter-connectable pattern recognition approaches. Every PRT action can be connected to any other PRT actions to enable you to build the powerful processing pipelines to solve the problems you need to solve with a single tool.

Get Answers

Built in cross-validation techniques ensure that your performance estimates are robust, and are indicative of expected operating performance, and built in support for decision making takes the guesswork out of setting optimal thresholds to make binary or M-ary decisions based on your data.