Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Knowledge Exploitation

We bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning research to dozens of industries. We customize algorithms just for you, to solve hard problems with limited data and real-world implications. See how we combine data from vastly different databases, different sensing modalities, and real and synthetic data to help you unearth actionable information that can change the game for your business.

Collecting Data is Easy

But what is the purpose of collecting data if you can’t turn it into knowledge?

Our knowledge exploitation algorithms and software can turn any combinations of data—text, video, radar, social media, and more—into a simple, coherent view of your world that you can use to your advantage.

Using Data to Understand the World

Turning disparate data into actionable insight is the core of what we do. Check out these examples:

  • HERMIT, or Holistic Extensible Real-time Multi-modal Integrated Tracking technology, is a new approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Developed for DARPA, HERMIT combines text and images to make sense of disparate data.
  • ROBOKOP, developed for the NIH, searches massive, disparate databases and generates smart insights that show how data is all interconnected.

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