Sensor Data Processing

Sensors gather data from the world around us. We turn that data into actionable information. Explore how our physics-first approach to algorithm design makes us the world leaders in sensor data exploitation.

Sensor Data Processing

It’s the core of what we do lies at the intersection of physics and machine learning. Put simply, we create usable, actionable information from sensor data.

We have been building sensor data processing systems for decades, and we are the global leaders in extracting information from RADAR, LIDAR, RGB, IR, spectroscopy, and other sensor modalities.

Our teams combine a statistician’s love of data, an artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer’s knowledge of the newest technologies, and a grounded, physics-first perspective to building robust information extraction pipelines.

Putting Data into Action

We create the software that helps you visualize and understand your data, and we build the artificial intelligence and machine learning pipelines that process your data in real time.

Seeing is believing: