CoVar Technologies Capabilities

Product Development

CoVar is focused on product development and end-user adoption of advanced technology.

Rare among small advanced technology startups, we have a broad range of capabilities in developing robust, field-ready hardware and software products. Our experience deploying cutting edge technologies in the form of reliable, easy-to-use, value-creating products has been met with praise in the defense, research, and commercial sectors. We have developed software packages that have been used by chemists, soldiers, and drilling engineers. Our hardware products have been designed for underwater environments, desert environments, and to operate in sewage pipes, depending on the application and requirements.

We focus on rapid prototyping and spiral development. We design to appropriate military or commercial specifications as needed, but always with an eye to the end-user and the ultimate application. Our product development initiatives are on-budget, on-time and result in intuitive, effective, and technologically advanced products.

Hardware Design

CoVar has capabilities in hardware design ranging from analog front-end electronics design to embedded computing and firmware development. We have developed complex RF circuit boards, ultra-low-noise high dynamic range acquisition systems, control and communications modules, and high speed microwave signal generators. From system requirements generation, circuit design, schematic capture, to board layout, prototype procurement, and in-house testing and integration, we can see a sensor hardware design project from concept to working product efficiently and effectively. Our capabilities in embedded hardware include VHDL, soft-core processor implementation, digital signal processing, and firmware co-processor development. We can develop a custom processing platform that implements computationally intensive algorithms in real-time in a package that meets the thermal and environmental requirements of the most demanding applications.

Software Development

CoVar’s software products package the world’s most sophisticated learning algorithms and adaptive capabilities with interfaces that are easy to understand and code that runs in real-time on desktop or laptop computers. No supercomputer necessary. We understand how to implement complicated and data-intensive processing code such that it runs quickly with low latency and minimal CPU requirements. We have written code for Windows machines, Linux machines, embedded platforms, PCs, virtual machines, and GPUs. We can talk WITS-ML, TCPIP, C++, Perl, JAVA, or MATLAB. Pick your language. We have developed proprietary distributed computing architectures for parallel computation of high computational load data, such as video. These capabilities, combined with our expert knowledge of the most advanced algorithmic methods, ensure that machine learning technology can be deployed for any application simply and effectively.

Rapid Prototyping

CoVar packages advanced algorithmic performance, intuitive software interfaces, and microelectronics in rapid, field-ready prototype and product developments. Our focus on rapid development cycles ensures that we refine and iterate our system requirements early in the process, mitigating risk and speeding time-to-field and time-to-market. Our process includes requirements capture, system component design, periodic peer reviews, system integration, system validation and verification, and ongoing support and product refinement post-deployment. For complicated development projects, we design test-beds and development platforms for risk mitigation and component testing. When necessary, we augment requirements capture with appropriate modeling and simulation. We provide product packaging, design to environmental specifications, thermal specifications, and electromagnetic interference/susceptibility specifications.