Aided and Automatic Target Recognition

The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community need reliable target detection and recognition, and we provide it. Our patented aided and automatic target recognition algorithms can detect new kinds of threats without new training data, and they can explain their decisions in language that end-users, such as warfighters and analysts, understand.

In a real-threat situation, you have to find the enemy before the enemy finds you. That’s why the military relies on us—because our detection algorithms for any type of sensor will not let them down.

We’ve been building detection algorithms that run on military-grade hardware, in the most extreme environments, for decades. We are experts in RADAR, spectroscopy, LIDAR, and image data.

Dedicated to Creating the Right Solutions

While the technology driving target recognition software is ever-evolving, our dedication to deploying the right solution to the right system at the right time never changes:

  • We detect buried threats before they pose a threat to U.S. personnel.
  • We detect enemy vehicles at ranges much longer than anyone else.
  • We detect enemy soldiers before they even know we are there.

Exceptional, Reliable Results

We are a proven partner you can count on to deliver the best detection algorithms—on time, in spec, and under budget. See for yourself:

  • Discover how DOCTRINAIRE bridges the gap between computer vision and ATR.
  • See how we partner with ATLAS to detect targets at longer ranges.
  • Explore how we run our algorithms on low-size, low-weight, low-power hardware.

Get started on a customized solution with us.