Mission Critical Software: Advanced, Robust, Reliable

We build end-to-end custom solutions that combine the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning with the robustness and reliability required in mission-critical software. Our software runs on oil derricks, inside military vehicles, on drones, and in the cloud. See how our custom software has enhanced performance in all these areas.

Software That Won’t Let You Down

We create world-best algorithms, and they deserve to run on what we call mission-grade software.

You can rest easy that our robust continuous integration processes keep our machine learning performance top-notch and our software bug-free. Our technologies run where you need them, when you need them.

Software That Works in the Toughest Conditions

We are experts at taking machine learning algorithms from our artificial intelligence and machine learning scientists—the most advanced algorithms in the world—and implementing them on the right hardware, in the right language, to fit your exact specifications. That is why our software runs reliably on the edge, in the cloud, and on military hardware.

We take the best parts of fundamental new algorithm design and combine them with rock-solid software design. The result is amazing products like our CONAN artificial intelligence and machine learning block diagramming tools that let us explore new algorithm architectures and then transition them to real-time, distributed, compiled models.