Smart Sensing for Defense, Energy, and Commercial

CoVar Applied Technologies brings intelligence to sensing, control, and automation systems.

It is our mission to provide sensor system products and technologies that advance the state of the art for the Defense and Energy industries. We have experience developing and fielding complex hardware and software systems to rugged, hostile environments. Our staff combines cutting-edge knowledge in the fields of sensors, machine learning, computer vision, and automated decision-making with hands-on and result-oriented product development experience.

Applications of our technologies range from torpedo countermeasure systems, oil and gas drilling rig software, and sub-surface imaging and detection of explosive hazards using radar and seismic sensors, to computer vision systems for personnel tracking. Our scientists are published subject matter experts in signal processing, image processing, video analytics, ground penetrating radar system and antenna design, multi-modal sensor fusion, adaptive filtering, and chemometrics. Our engineering capabilities include software application development, electronics design, product packaging, embedded firmware, and rapid prototyping. We work with our partners and customers to provide hardware products, software products, turnkey product development services, and component technology licensing. We pride ourselves on being innovative and customer-service oriented in everything we do.